My name is Lukas and I’m a character TD and Python scripter based in Brooklyn, NY. I’m currently on staff at Psyop, where I work on various commercial projects ranging from fully-animated to VFX to VR. Feel free to contact me at [ lukaswadya@gmail.com ].


“Supercell The Last Second” | Psyop | 2017
I rigged the thrusting goblin and pony characters and the arrow. I also created a modular rig setup for the chainmail that you see on two of the characters. For the shot of the pony’s butt hitting the prince’s face I ran cloth simulations and layered in some shot specific deformations for the butt to face contact.

“Golden Crumpets Billy Crumpet” | Psyop | 2017
I rigged everything on this spot, from previs to final shot rigs. Stop-motion animators used 3D previs as a guide for animating the crumpet bodies for all characters. I then created rigs for the faces and limbs that attached to tracked data and allowed 3D animators to complete the rest of the animation.

“Full ANL” | Aardman Nathan Love | 2015
I rigged the character for this reveal trailer. The rig had to be fairly flexible as the animators were looking to create as many different looks and actions with it as possible.

“Tecate Born Bold” | Method | 2015
I rigged the black eagle character, including the primary wing and tail feathers.

“McDonalds Happy” | Buck | 2014
I rigged the box character.

“Fruitsnackia Airport” | Buck | 2014
I rigged the flipboard, conveyor belt, and both main characters.

“Fruitsnackia Carnival” | Buck | 2014
I rigged all of the characters and the claw machine.

“Fruitsnackia Camping” | Buck | 2014
I rigged the bear and tree characters.

“Geico Maxwell” | Click3X | 2013
I rigged Maxwell the pig character.


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Work Experience

Lead TD/Rigger | Psyop, New York, NY | Mar 2016 – Present
At Psyop I have a hand in most of the character animation projects that come through the New York studio, mainly in rigging and tools development. As a lead I help coordinate rigging and technical animation work on bigger productions as well as keep track of any rig assets created by freelancers. Outside of my rigging role I help solve broader technical problems by writing tools to optimize workflows for animators and artists, assisting coworkers with math and logic problems, and researching new technology and pipelines for virtual reality and real-time rendering applications.

Freelance Rigger and Generalist | New York, NY | Apr 2008 – Mar 2016
As a freelancer I worked primarily as a character rigger, but also wrote and maintained production and pipeline management tools. I contributed modeling, animation, and previsualization work to some projects as well. Studios I worked for include Aardman Nathan Love, Buck, Click3X, Edit1, Hornet Inc, Humble, Logan, loyalkaspar, Method Studios, MPC, pandapanther, Passion Pictures, and Psyop.

Visiting Professor | Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY | Jan 2013 – May 2015
I taught MEL and Python scripting to graduate and undergraduate level 3D animation students at Pratt Institute for five semesters. My class covered the fundamentals of programming and introduced students to scripting within Maya, both to develop tools and to quickly solve problems.

Cinematics Technical Artist | High Moon Studios, Carlsbad, CA | Aug 2006 – Oct 2007
At High Moon I rigged characters, vehicles, and props used in gameplay and cinematics for the Xbox 360 title “The Bourne Conspiracy.” I also helped develop rigging and motion capture tools used on the production.

Software Skills

I mainly use Maya and am proficient in both MEL and Python scripting languages. I also have experience in Fabric Engine, Unity, Unreal, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro.


MFA Computer Art Program | School of Visual Arts, New York City, NY | Sep 2004 – May 2006
BFA in Graphic Design | The College of New Jersey, Ewing, NJ | Sep 2000 – May 2004


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